Monday, August 3, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

A few pictures, ok, more that just a few, of the Georgia Aquarium. We went last Thursday while in Atlanta with Dennis on a business trip. It is supposed to be one of the largest aquariums in the world. The price was certainly the largest price I've paid to see an aquarium! It was nice, but in my opinion not really worth the $27.00 a person ticket price! Wish you could have made it Duchess, here's what you missed.
..The boys at the touch pool. They could touch stingray and sharks.

Japanese long legged crabs
Beluga Whales
One of my favorite rooms in the aquarium was the tunnel. Sharks, stingray, manatee and fish swim beside and above you. It was awesome! The tunnel is under a 6.1 million gallon pool! The next 13 photos show different views of the tunnel.

Giant Whale Shark. He swam over us in the tunnel, but I didn't have my camera ready for a pic. She was huge. The guide said she was still a baby!
Can you pick Isaiah out of the crowd?
Yep, he's the one with the camera. (just like mom!)

Grouper f.y.i...can reach upto 1000 pounds and 10 feet long. They are also on the vulnerable or threatened list of fishes. So think twice before ordering them at your next sea food resturant!

Ok, now for my favorite part of the aquarium. Jelly Fish. Yep. Oh how I could photograph them all day long and never tire of their effortless floating!

Ok, so I told the boys when we get to the end of the tunel let me take your picture. They did what I asked with no fighting, etc. (miracle) and when I reviewed my pic, I noticed that Logan was flashing the gang "blood" sign ..the bloods and crypts..anyway..what a goof ball. Oh and look at Evan, he's saying "Logan don't!" He's a good kid. Isaiah, not so happy to have to stand by his brothers for a photo. I love my boys!
Take two. Less than enthused. Come on mom, this is embarrassing!
Trying to get a silly sillohette picture. I love sillohettes! The glass concaved in so light was hitting them from the top. Not a real good sillohette. Oh well.
So I just got a pic with a flash and moved on.

Isaiah, Nemo and Me!
Then we left and sat in 6 miles of traffic for an hour! Gotta love Atlanta!


duchess said...

Looks like fun - I hate we missed it. As for the traffic issue - one word: MARTA. Loved it.

Stephanie said...

Love the pic.. as usual.. Glad you had a good time in Atlanta!

Katie said...

looks like fun. I think aquariums are a little over priced myself.