Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Revisiting 2004

A few weeks ago my friends Michael and Kari sent me some pictures that they found buried in their hard drive. They were all date stamped 2004. So it got me thinking, what were we up to in 2004?

We lived in Medina Ohio.
Isaiah had his first sleep over with his friend Zach.
My grandparents renewed their wedding vows.
Evan got his first set of braces on.
Isaiah learned to ride a bike without training wheels.
Isaiah turned 5.
Tigger turned 4.
In August we traveled back to Indy and went to the Indiana State Fair
We stopped by and visited Michael and Kari in their new home, Kari and I picked out paint colors. (the pictures above were from that day)
The boys got to run the bases at a Cleveland Indians baseball game.
We went apple picking with The Hlas family.
Logan played football for the Medina Colts.
Logan turned 9.
My family came to our home in Ohio for Thanksgiving.
We went to our first NBA Pacers game.
Evan turned 11.

You might be asking how I remembered all of this? I just pulled out my 2004 scrapbook album and took a trip down memory lane!


duchess said...

They look so little. Awww. Time is passing way too quickly.
I always love taking a look back.

jen said...

i didnt know you had lived in medina!! my parents grew up there and i have 2 sets of aunts/uncles/cousins that are still there!!

Jodie said...

Yep, we lived there for 4 years. 2001 to 2005. I'd have to say it was one of my favorite places to call home!