Thursday, January 28, 2010

1 Year Ago Today

We woke up to the worst ice storm to hit the Tri-State area in history.
I vividly remember hearing the weight of the ice snap the limbs off of my century old trees, cringing each time wondering if one would land on the house and leave a gaping hole in my roof.
We had no power for 3 days. Dennis was out of town. Keeping the water lines from freezing, the kids warm and fed was top priority for me. It was the worst winter moment in my life.

Here is a little flashback. More can be seen HERE and HERE and HERE

Tree lands on car at the University of Evansville
Cherry Street - The road I take when I drive into Downtown Evansville
My backyard
The back of my house all dripping in icicles
More backyard
The road I normally drive down to take Isaiah to school

Monday, January 25, 2010

Are You Listening

Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant and a host of other voices encourage us to reach out in any way we can. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti.

A Break in the Clouds

Today the weather man has said this is our 8th straight day of overcast skies. However, last Thursday evening while I was driving to pick Isaiah and a friend up from a basketball game the sun popped out for a brief moment. I used the opportunity to run down to the river and take a few sunset snaps.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebrating 41 Years!

I would like to wish my parents a very happy anniversary!
You guys make me proud.
Love you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


They asked me about 2 months ago if they could throw a Sweet 16 "Surprise" birthday party for Evan. "Of course" I said and we began to plot, scheme and plan. They made the guest list, invited all the friends, arranged for a live band and decorated the house. I just paid for everything. Oh and I asked my sister and her husband to come do all the cooking and food prep while we got Evan out of the house.
Who are they, you might ask? Evan's best friends. Carlos, Halie, Harley and Hannah.

Evan was completely in the dark they whole time! It was a great surprise!

We planned an Ice Cream Sundae Bar
And a Nacho Bar
Decorating for the party
Uncle Matt ~ we call him Uncle Chefy because he used to be a chef ~ came to set up the refreshments
Aunt Tracee~ party refreshment coordinator
Here we are! SURPRISE! I think he was shocked, speechless, unable to compute why more than 25 of his closest friends were in our game room.
Oh, wow, a surprise party....for me!
I have great friends!!!
I rarely smile
Carlos, in line for the Nacho bar
Feeding the herd
Fun with friends

Concert in the garage ~ sorry for the less than stellar photos. Do you know how hard it is to photograph kids in the darkness with strobing lights? Now you do.

Midnight is fast approaching. We fill 25 glasses with Sparkling Cider.
And we toast in the New Year!
Uncle Chefy and Aunt Tracee
Me and Dennis
The aftermath.

Overall, about 35 kids were here to help Evan celebrate his birthday. It was a great party!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Murphy...please leave!

You've heard of Murphy's Law, right? Well I think Murphy is trying to move in. Yesterday I got a knock on the front door. The garbage man informed me that his auto trash can lifter thingie hit my mailbox and knocked it over. I stepped outside to see this.....

Then later that night, I was feeling a little chilly, so I put a blanket on. Dennis got home around 9 p.m. and stated how cold the house was. 63 degrees. I'm usually cold, so I was wearing a turtleneck, a wool sweater, a scarf and had a blanket across my lap. So I noticed it was cold, but I was warm. He fiddled with the furnace and got it working. We went to bed.

Our upstairs furnace kept us nice and toasty all night. However, when I came downstairs to get Isaiah ready for school I stepped into frosty coldness! (btw, it is 12 degrees outside today!)

So I've retreated to the game room, where there is a computer, a tv and a heating unit (like you would find in a hotel room). I am toasty warm and I'm waiting for the furnace man to arrive.
He was just here in November fixing the same furnace. Wonder if it will be the same part again?

Anyway, come back tomorrow for a new post. We had a surprise Sweet 16 party for Evan on New Years Eve. Lots of pictures to share!

Stay warm!!