Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just one quick one....

Evan on Daytona Beach with the Dodge Charger we've rented this week.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Allergies?

Itchy, scratchy throat. Runny nose. Drainage. Sneezing. Itchy Eyes. Sound familiar?
You might have spring allergies. I know I do right now.
I went out into the yard today and was taking some random photographs. I love the Red Maple in the front yard when it is budding out. I grabbed a quick shot of a branch. When I pulled it into photoshop I did some zooming. What did I see? Pollen! The trigger of everyones' spring suffering.

When we lived in NC, we could see yellow pollen everywhere. It covered everything. It laid in a thick sheet on top of the car, the law furniture, the pool water, etc. Here in Indiana, we have it, but it doesn't show itself as much. Unless you look close. Take a look.

Zoomed out
Zoomed out fully
How about you? Do you have spring allergies? It just might be the pollen!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Visiting the Minniear Past

Earlier this week my nephew called me and asked for help. He had an assignment from school to write about his family genealogy. Back in 2002 I spent weeks on end uncovering the Minniear family history. I was so happy to share my findings with him. So, while I have all of this info out, why don't I share some heritage and pictures with you.

Wilhelm Mineur was born in 1653 in Ernsbach Germany.
He married Eva Susanne Ehl who was born in 1650
they had
Christain Minear born in 1676 in Germany
who married Anna born in 1672
they had
Christianus Minear in 1704 in Germany
who married Maria born in 1706
They immigrated to America in 1732 on a ship called Mary that sailed out of Rotterdam Holland
after coming to America they had
John in 1728 in Northumberland Co PA
who married Mary
they had Isaac between 1770 and 1780
who married ??? and had
John in 1798 in Wood Co Virginia (now West Virginia)
who married Mary Jackson wedding date 1819 Miami Co OH
they had
James in 1850 in Mercer Co OH
who married Lydia
they had John Washington Minniear in 1863
who married Minnie Miller
they had Charles in 1891
who married Ethel Bolander born 1893
who had Fred in 1914
who married Mary Shively born 1914
they had James in 1939
who married Arleen
they had Dennis (my husband)

So there you have it! Now wanna see some pictures?
John and Minnie Minniear and 3 of their children
John and Minnie Minniear and 5 of their 10 children. The oldest son being Charles.

Charles and Ethel Minniear with baby Fred
Fred with his little brother Howard
Fred with his wife Mary

Fred and Mary on thier 40th anniversary
Fred and Mary's son James (Jim) Minniear
Jim and Arleen's son's : Dennis is the youngest

Thanks for spending time looking through our family history. Do you know your family history?
Here are the links that were helpful to me:
When I found out a geographical area that a family member was born or married in I then went to that counties vital records website to dig further. It's fun! I hope you all get the bug too!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PopCorn+Cell Phone!

My mom sent this video to me today. You've gotta watch it!
I'm so going to try this with my boys!
If it works for us I'll record it and post it.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I got to thinking this morning that I never share my scrapbooking pages on my blog. So without further ado, here are the pages I have been working on this year. These are all for my 2009 family album.

New Years Day with The Edwards Family
Jan 2009 Ice Storm
Dealing with no power through the ice storm
Isaiah making the best of a snow day
Isaiah at the spelling bee
A visit home to see family
Cleaning up after the ice storm
Vacation - a visit to the Tampa Bay hockey game - posing with the cheer girls
The boys golfing on vacation
Vacation = A day at the beach
Vacation - a day at the water park

Thanks for looking! What do you do with all of your pictures?