Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May = Graduation

Another milestone moment at our house this spring.  Logan has finished the 8th grade, graduation was today.  He'll be moving on to the High School in the fall.  Where did the time go?

Isaiah completed the 5th grade, his graduation was yesterday.  He will be at the Middle School in the fall.  No more kids in the elementary school.  Wow!  I have a kid in elementary school since 1999!  That's 11 years!   I've enjoyed all of the room parties, paper grading, copy machine running, student tutoring, reading group leader, math helper, spelling helper positions I've held in so many years.  I think I will really miss that.  Once the boys went off to Middle School, there just wasn't as much need for parent volunteers.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some photos from graduation with you all.  Dennis and I are so proud of all our boys!

All of the 5th grade classes

Isaiah's teacher Mr. Schmitt

Isaiah receiving his awards and certificate of completion


Mr. Schmitt's class

Isaiah with his teacher Mr. Schmitt

Receiving his diploma from the VP

Shaking hands with the Principal

He did it!!!

The Castle South 8th Grade Class


After graduation, the class got to take a trip over to the High School and be greeted by the staff and counselors

Love this shot!!  Farewell Middle School, on to a new chapter in life!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Around the Yard

The smell of the wild roses blooming next to the wild honeysuckle this time of year draws me into the yard with camera in hand.

I love to stroll through the yard to see what's blooming, soaking in each fragrant bloom.  Our yard is a bit on the wild side.  No formal gardens, no meticulously planned and sculpted cottage style herb or vegetable gardens (to my dismay).  Just some random flowers struggling to make their way in this shady piece of earth we call the back yard.  Some are wild, some are grown on purpose for our pleasure.  All are beautiful in my eyes.  I took some photos to share with you.  I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

As I was down on my knees trying to photograph a purple salvia, I met this critter.  I think he was just as interested in observing me with my camera in front of my face as I was in him.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Track and Field

This spring Logan and Isaiah participated in track for their very first time.  Logan did the Shot Put and Discus Throw competitions.  Isaiah did the Long Jump and the 400 meter race.  So far this year Logan has brought home a First place ribbon for Shot Put, a third place ribbon for Discus Throw and a 4th place ribbon for Discus Thow.   Isaiah has brought home a First place ribbon for Long Jump and a Third place ribbon for the 400m.  We are so proud of them!!

Here are photos from their last meet.  I don't have any photos of Isaiah running the 400m.  They were lost in an unfortunate delete accident.

Isaiah can jump about 11 feet 5 inches!

Logan getting a little coaching from Dad

The Shot Put competition he took first place in

The Discus Throw competition he took 3rd place in

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The First Wedding

In March the Minniear's gathered together to celebrate Jessica's wedding.   Jessica is the the oldest grandchild out of 17.  Jessica lives in Florida.  We were so happy that her wedding date just happened to fall when we would be on Spring Break.  We're glad we were able to be part of your special day Jess!  Lots of love and happiness to you and Jamie!

Jessica's mom and dad at the end of their daughters perfect day.

Sparklers light up the path as the bride and groom leave the reception

We're looking forward to another Minniear wedding in September!!