Thursday, August 20, 2009

Take A Closer Look

  • it protects the delicate cambium layer from bumps and cuts
  • it retards the loss of water
  • it protects from temperature extremes
  • it protects from intense sunlight
  • bark is somewhat porous, so it helps the tree breathe
  • like a scab on a wound, it protects against disease organisms
So there you have it!
I'm sure you were wondering.

As I mentioned yesterday, (the tree that tried to kill me) ,I took a walk around our yard yesterday. We have more than 70 large trees in our backyard. Each one is so unique. I wanted to capture some of their beauty.
Hope you enjoy these pictures.

This bark reminds me of Chicken Pox

Love this mossy lichen

Found lots of these creatures on my trees as I walked around.

I imagine there was a tree fort up in this tree at some point in time.

Love the color of this velvety moss

There used to be a colony of bees living in this hole. We ended their lives with a good can of Bee-Gone!

This tree looks like it's had a rough life
This is the tree our tire swing hangs from
Here's a look at the whole tree

The sappy tree
This tree grows along the creek bank. I never knew we had so much sap on this tree.
Ah-ha! Look where my kids have hidden their Popsicle wrappers.

Last fall hurricane winds knocked down one of our big sycamores. It fell into this tree splitting it.

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duchess said...

I guess God makes trees the same way He made us - all individual.
Thanks for the lesson.

Stephanie said...

I see you have been doing what you love the last few days! Me too!