Saturday, August 28, 2010

Evan + Stephanie

I took my oldest son, Evan and his girlfriend Stephanie downtown to scout out a new location for a senior shoot.  Here are some of the images we captured that day.

This building used to be the Evansville Jail.  It was built in the 1800's and now houses a local attorney's office.  One of the attorneys came out and asked us if we wanted to take a tour of the inside.
Of course we said yes!

This photo was taken inside one of the original jail cells.
I locked the kids up for smooching in public.  hehe

Thanks for taking time to look.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last spring (09) Dennis and I put a new flowerbed in along the side of the house.  I put a few iris's in there that my friend Stephanie gave me.  I had some extra space and so I decided to plant some vegetables.  My yard is very shady, and this side of the house does get some sun.  Most of my veggies didn't fare well.  They grew, but very slowly.  I was harvesting zucchini in September and green peppers in November.  What did do well were the tomatoes.  So well that they self seeded themselves throughout the flowerbed.  I pulled all but 3 or 4 plants.  They have grown all summer, they are about 4 feet tall and growing strong.  I went out the other morning to pick the ripe maters.  Here are some photos just before I picked.

And look who I found on the front porch step.
A little yellow fellow with black spiky hairs.
He is from the American Dagger Moth family.
This is what he looks like today.......

And should he not become lunch anytime soon, he will cocoon and emerge as this rather boring looking fellow.  I will probably see his hanging out at the nearest light bulb.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Manly Men

Before the first day of school Evan and his friends Carlos and Evan the other Evan, as I like to call him, decided to build a campfire out back, set up a tent and sleep under the stars (well in a tent, but you know what I mean).

My Evan made it until about 6am, Carlos made it till 9am, but Evan the other Evan came crawling into the house in search of air conditioning and a comfy mattress at 2 am.

They cooked their dinner, made smores and roasted ears of corn on the campfire.  But that was about the end of roughing it as it got.  The ran an extension cord out to the tent, took a TV and a game systems out there too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

It's that time of year again.  The boys were up bright and early this morning getting ready to return to another year of school, books, tests, studying, homework, sports ...ahem, friends and social life.

Evan is a Junior this year and Logan is a Freshman

Isaiah is in the Middle school now, 6th grade

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big, Icky, Bugs

Today was a super hot day, the high was about 102 and the heat index made it feel like 114!  I went out twice to water flowers and when I started watering my tomato plants I discovered this big, icky tomato horn worm munching on my plant.

Then I noticed that he brought his little brother.

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Life of a Governor

Another free thing to do if your are visiting the Atlanta area is visit the Governors Mansion.  

Wouldn't you just love to relax on this side porch and overlook the gardens?