Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sweet 16 Photos

Evan invited a few friends over to hang out and play the Wii.Even though it's winter, we had a DQ ice cream cake. Yum!
Since he's 16 now, a new car is in the near future so Dad got him some car air freshners. I bet he thought there would be a car in the driveway, but there wasn't. I know, that's mean, right.
On to the presents. It's all about the money baby.
Posing with mom and dad. After all, it's our 16th anniversary of being parents!
Out to dinner. Evan loves to go to Texas Road House and get a big, juicy steak.

Isaiah, Carlos, Evan and Harley


duchess said...

Looks like fun! Keep on them about that car Evan - I'm sure it'll work eventually.

Stephanie said...

Happy Bday Evan...