Monday, December 7, 2009

Grand Intentions

Mom and Dad came down for a visit over the weekend. I had grand intentions of taking lots of photos of mom and I making homemade Banana Pudding, Logan and Isaiah's basketball games, Dennis grilling steaks and Dad and I watching our favorite old Christmas movies Holiday Inn and White Christmas. The weekend scurried by so fast before we knew it it was Sunday afternoon and they were packing to head for home. One of the things I did get pictures of was my dad. I asked him if he could recommend the right weather stripping for our drafty doors. Not only did he make his recommendations, he went with me to Home Depot, picked them out and installed them!!! What a dad! And....I got pictures. :0)


duchess said...

Isn't that nice of him to do - glad you captured it & had a good visit.

Tracee said...

Dad probably felt like he was at my house, everytime he comes over we end up putting him to work. HeHe