Monday, December 14, 2009

Building Runs in the Family

My dad is a custom home builder, so I'm guessing that's where Isaiah gets his love of building and decorating Gingerbread Houses in December. It's hard not to eat the gingerbread houses as we unpack them from the box. It's fun to lick our fingers as we pipe frosting and nibble on red and green candies. I think they put more candy in the bag just for us nibblers. Anyway, here are the pictures of Isaiah creating his gingerbread masterpiece!


duchess said...

Very cute little gingerbread house. Looks yummy too.

Stephanie said...

Fun!! My boys still need to build theirs.. I guess that will be a project for when they get out of school.. so much going on.. Luv the Gingerbread house za

Tracee said...

job well done Zay!!!!