Friday, February 6, 2009

Roughing It and Magic Mike

I'll admit, ice storms are beautiful. I love the look of snow covering the ground making our world look fresh and clean. It reminds me of what my heart must look like after I ask God for forgiveness. Washed clean, white as snow. I love to see ice covering the trees, glistening like diamonds when touched by the sun. The downside to all of this is the disaster that lays in the wake of the storm. Power lines down, transformers blown, roads covered in icy danger. Then comes the worst of it all; a power outage! We lost our power on Tuesday at 4am and it did not return until Thursday at 7pm. Our house grew colder by the hour. It hovered near 50 degrees. We burned through almost all of the firewood, but with vaulted ceilings and a big home, it did very little to help. Enter Magic Mike. That's what I call him. Mike is our neighbor. He is the best neighbor anyone would ever want to have. Mike can fix anything. My son's mini motorcycle broke a chain, Magic Mike fixed it. My lawnmower was spewing oil and coughing smoke, Magic Mike fixed it. Dennis old gray Suburban wouldn't run, Magic Mike to the rescue. I backed out of my garage and smashed my side mirror on the garage door frame, you guessed it; Magic Mike fixed it. (did I tell you he's a auto body repairman?, they're good to have around you know!) So when my husband was out of town the entire ice storm week, who brought me a heater? Magic Mike! He brought me the shop heater from his auto body repair shop, set it up for us and we had heat! Thanks Magic Mike!! You rescued us again.

This is Magic Mike.
I forgot to mention that he cooks up a mean batch of homemade spagetti sauce
and always shares it with our family!

Blanket, hat, cell phone, i-pod! Good to go!

Even the dog wore her sweater

Game Time!

Ok, this is our game room. We brought the heater in this room because it is the only room on the main level of the house that can be closed off from the other rooms, thus keeping the heat in! See the heater in the middle of the room.

Me "blowing" my hair dry over the heater.

When the heater was in the entry way, the heat rose to the second level. Isaiah hung his feet over to get them warm. Also notice the aquarium. Those are fruit flies. Part of Logan's science fair experiment. They were dieing in the cold temps.


duchess said...

Thank God for Mike & his heater.
Too bad about the fruit flies.

Kari said...

Ok maybe I'm a little blonde but if you had no electricity how did the heater work?
I'm glad there is someone to look after you when D is away.

Jodie said...

The heater was hooked to a propane tank. It doesn't need electricity.