Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Time

Spent some quality time with the family this weekend. We took our little foster puppy up to Indy to be adopted by my sister and her hubby. We got to see my parents and my brothers family too. Here are some family pics.

Mom and Isaiah on Valentines Day

Matt and Tracee with their new puppy

Mom with Autumn, aren't they purdy!

Autumn showing mom some love. Dad taught Autumn and her brother to head-butt. It's cute, until they head-butt you when you're least expceting it. hehe

Mom, Dad and Autumn

My beautiful sister Tracee

My good-looking dad

Autumn 10 months old

Big Brother Christopher 2 years old
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duchess said...

Glad you got in some family time. We're heading up to my parent's house on Friday.
Have a good week.

Stephanie said...

Love the pic!