Sunday, September 28, 2008

Firefighter Combat Challenge

On a warm Saturday afternoon more suited for sipping lemonade under a shade tree, scores of sweating firefighters wearing 50 pounds of gear hauled hoses up a five-story tower and dragged a 175-pounder named Rescue Randy. But it was in the name of competition, not rescue. There was no smoke, no sirens and Randy is a weighted mannequin. (from the Evansville courier press)
Men and women from all over the US, including Alaska, came to compete in the Firefighter Challenge today here in Evansville IN. Here are some pics from the day. My neighbor's son was amongst the firemen competing.

The local football team helps out, and gets in on the competition. Offense vs Defense.

The firemen from Alaska enjoying a nice, warm day in Indiana

My friends son, waiting to pull a very heavy weight up the 5 story bldg

My friend's son racing down the stairs after his pull to tag the next guy

Friends son cheering on his team mates

My local fire department My friends son, heading home after a long, hot day


Stephanie said...

I love the last one..

Looks like alot of hard work..

duchess said...

What great shots - if that's your new lens, it's wonderful.

Rob's step-brother is the fire chief in Cary,NC. That's some hard work.

vanzoll said...

Thank you for the pictures. I was a competitor at the challenge for Newburgh Fire. I think you did a great job and thanks once again


Deb Luker said...

Jodie, these are great! I wonder if this is the stair challenge my hubby's been talking about? Great job!