Thursday, September 11, 2008

And the Broncos Win!!!

Isaiah's team had their 2nd game of the season last night. Last weekend was his first and they lost 6 - 0 with the other team scoring the only touchdown of the game in the final 25 seconds of play.
Last night we finished the game with a 0 - 0 score and had to go into double overtime to win 12 - 6! Way to go Broncos!! Here are some of my favorite photos of the night.

Isaiah is #32

Blocking while Coach Dad watches in the background Not my kid, but I love this photo and the intensity on our team mates face

I love offensive line-ups! And I love the rich evening light on this pic.
Isaiah ready for some action! The Coach signaling the game winning touchdown! Broncos Win!

A congrats team speech by the coach in the twilight of the evening.

I love how the rim light touches the tops of the players heads.

Technical Stuff: Canon 75 -300mm lens I {heart} it!


duchess said...

Great pics - as usual.
Glad the Bronco's won.
Way to go, Isaiah!

Katie said...

great pics. oh I love some football games.

Lori said...

Nothing beats football season or the crack of shoulder pads. (And of course, extra points and field goals:}) You're right, it probably has to do with all the U of I games we traveled to. We sure put a lot of miles on Elisa's parents van. Hard to believe our boys are growing up so fast.