Friday, October 3, 2008

The Bathroom Remodel

The long awaited time has come and I am so glad to be finished with the powder bath remodel. When we had this house inspected during the purchase process we found that the powder bath toilet had previously leaked (14 yrs earlier when the builder installed a damaged toliet flange) The homeowner found the problem and fixed the leak (a year later) but never replaced the wet boards. Well over time the boards dried out and rotted away. Instead of having the original homeowners pull up the tile floor and fix the problem, only 2 weeks from our move in date, we said that we would do it so that the job would get done right. The following are pics of the process.

When we got to the toilet area the tile popped right up and there was nothing much underneath. So basically the toilet was being held up by the cement board underlayment, tile and morter.
Here is the floor stripped of tile and you can see the damaged area.
A close up. YUCK!Dennis cutting out all of the rotted sub-flooring.
There we go, much better. After this step I bleached everything out to kill any hidden mold.
A new support system was built underneath and new subfloor was placed on top.A fresh coat of pain Dry fitting the tiles before taking them to Lowes to be cut. (they cut for free, good deal!) The new tile floor all laid and grouted

The new toliet, comfort heigtht and water saving efficient
Ok, the vanity was so short you had to bend so far down to wash your hands. We bought 6 inch legs from Lowes and cut an inch off the tops and painted them black. We intalled them under the vanity to raise it up to 35 inches and make it look like furniture. The countertops come later this week.
Ok, the bathroom has been done since spring, but I've never gotten around to taking the final photos. So here's the finished product, except there's only 1 photo in the 3 frames. I'll get around to processing and printing the other pictures soon.

lots of green ivy and green and white floor tiles. Green marble countertops and a gold light fixture, faucets, towel holder and cabinet knobs. (oh and no tp holder!)


That's it. Thanks for looking!


duchess said...

Yay! Finally I get to see that lovely powder room.
It looks terrific. I love the legs on the vanity, the paint color & the darker finish on the metal.
Good call.
I'm going to do a post showing off your renovation - you don't mind do you?

Jodie said...

Nope, go right ahead! Thanks.

The Berry's Patch said...

Wow, that turned out beautiful. I love the deep rich colors you used. And those picture frames are gorgeous. Great job!

Darlene said...

I came to visit you from Duchess' blog. You bathroom turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! I love those darker colors....gorgeous!

Shannon said...

Love it!!! I love all your finishes on your light fixture and faucet. The countertops are awesome!

Lori said...

Looks great. At least your married to a handy-man. Mine doesn't do repairs, but at least he does laundry. Happy anniversary this weekend. Is it 17 years?

Jodie said...

Thanks for the kind comments. YEP, Lori, you're right. 17 years tomorrow.

southerninspiration said...

What a GREAT transformation! From ruin to regal!!! Cool ideas!

Susie Harris said...

Hi there.. Miss Duchess sent me over to take a peek in your bathroom. Hope you dont mind, smile! Very pretty my friend! It looks like a different room. Love it!