Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Take Me to the River

My brother, his wife and kids visited us over Labor Day weekend. We took everyone on a boat ride. It was such a hot day we decided to take a dip in the river.

All buckled into the car and ready to go.
Isn't this the cutest hat for a boat ride
Not to happy Aunt Jodie made him wear a lifejacket

Fast asleep within the first 10 minutes

Not so sure about playing in the water

Hey, this isn't so bad

Even baby takes a dip to cool off


Stephanie said...

How fun!!

duchess said...

Man, is that the little baby we'd heard about when we first met you?

He looks so big.

Glad you had a good visit.

Pam said...

he is just too precious - great photos Jodie!