Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning

The sun was shining, the weather was warm and the kids had a 1/2 day of school. Most kids would look forward to their half day, but not mine. I had informed them they would be working along side me in the yard spring cleaning limbs and sticks left over from our January ice storm. But before we get to the yard photos, I'll share the bribery.. ah hem, I mean gingerbread cookies I made to sweeten the deal.

A glass dipped in sugar and pressed onto the round cookie dough flattens the cookie and adds the glistening sugar coating.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the cookies baked and eaten. They were good!

Now onto the yard. The ice storm brought down tons and tons of limbs. The boys gathered them into piles a few weeks ago. I had them pick up the piles and put them into the cart and take them out to the burn pile. Unfortunately it was sooooo windy we couldn't start a big fire for a few days. Oh and one more thing, I invited Evan's friend to come help us. Aren't I clever!

I love the white bark on the birch tree against the blue sky!
In the yard looking toward the burn pile where the kids were dumping the limbs to be burned.

In the foreground you will see all the little sticks that were all over the yard. I had to rake the whole backyard. Oh my aching back!
At least someone is having fun! After she chased her ball into the creek and go all muddy I had to give her a bath.

My trusty chainsaw. I used it to cut large limbs down so they would stack into the cart better.
Ok, so I said it was too windy for a fire, but my son felt otherwise. He built a tiny little fire and burned leaves and small sticks.

The pile grows bigger and bigger!

Yes...texting again. I think he needs to join texting anonymous. hehe
Hey look, signs of spring!

My nails, dirty from a hard days work and a broken one.
Thanks for visiting!
The grass is getting green now.
Spring is just around the corner!


duchess said...

I think I'd rather stick to my painting. Love those signs of spring.

Katie said...

look at you ordering those boys around again! You are quite the slave driver.