Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas World Tour 2008

Welcome to another Christmas World Tour. This time we traveled across 8 states to see family and friends. I'll post a few highlights. Here we go.
..Trip #1 was to Indpls to see mom and dad and family. It was a fast 3 days.

These are my cute cousins that I only get to see at Christmas each year.

My Brother and his 2 year old son. Love the hat!My brothers new baby girl, all sleepy and ready for bed.My brother-in-law flashing his best smile (he always makes goofy faces for my camera)

Our middle son played a prank on his older brother by getting him a thong. We go out on Christmas Eve and let the kids shop for each other. He decided that he was going to get a gag gift for his brother this year. Evan is such a good sport, he just grinned!

Santa's plan was to leave gifts at our house for the kids to open when we got home from Moms. But Isaiah found a special one under Nana's tree with a note.

My mom taking pictures at my Grandmas house. Grandma and Grandpa make a fabulous brunch on Christmas morning.

More to come! Check back soon. We'll be visiting Columbus Ohio for trip #2.

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duchess said...

Cute family pics. Evan's gift was funny - that Logan!