Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas World Tour 2008 . trip 4

The last stretch of our journey was to travel south to South Carolina. Our dear friends the Edwards are living down there now. Our husbands work for the same company. We met shortly after we were transferred to North Carolina and lived near them. Our families clicked and we spent a lot of time hanging out swimming and boating. Duchess and I spent a lot of Tuesday mornings at Panera and then shopping together in town. My youngest and their oldest became fast friends. My son has been asking since we moved when he could go and see his friend B. So while Dennis had some time off for the holidays we included them in our World Tour Trip. Of course I have pictures of all the fun!


Duchess and I

Hanging out playing the Wii

Great Bowling Scores

"Say Cheese", "No you say Cheese"

This is Duchess' photo of me taking a picture of her
This is my middle son. He loves Mr Robert. Every time he's around Rob he hangs out with him and asks him tons of questions. Robert, thanks for being so patient with my kid!

More Wii fun
This girl can bowl!!!!
This kid bowled 9 strikes in a row!!! Way to go B!
Popsicles in January!
This is where Duchess and I would sit all summer, talk and drink sweet tea while watching our kids play football in the front yard....if I only lived in SC.

We've said our good-byes. We hope you'll come up and see us some time this summer. Here are the beautiful mountain ranges that are just north of the Edwards home.

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duchess said...

You got a lot of good ones.
We had a great time - hopefully we can get together again soon.