Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pioneer Days

We took a trip to Terre Haute two weekends ago. We visited Fowler Parks Pioneer Days. Here are a bunch of pics of our day...Warning...Photo Overload. I couldn't just pick a few.

Fun with light....

Good-bye 1800's


duchess said...

How fun - I love things like this. I love the picture of Dennis & the boys up in the barn window.

Kari said...

I guess this means you got your new camera!

These are all excellent!

Is this place similar to Conner Prairie?

Does Evan have a mustache? WOW!

Jodie said...

Kari, These are with my old camera.
Yep, very similar to Conner Prairie, but only open for special occasions. And NO, Evan does not have a mustache. Must be a shadow.