Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm So Excited!!!

Business is really good right now. I am totally booked for the month of October and already booking some dates in November! I've been struggling with my current camera, The Canon XTi. It's a great camera, but I've pushed it to it's limits and I'm ready to move up. Today I ordered this sweet little thing. It's the Canon 50 D. It's Canon's newest release, so new that I had to call all over the place just to find one in stock. I found one and it ships today. I can't wait!!!

If you're a camera geek like me, you can go check out the specs here:


duchess said...

Are you already replacing the one you got not too long ago?

Has the poor thing been tossed aside or traded up?

Stephanie said...

cool I know you will do great things with the new camera!

Katie said...

yay for new cameras.

Dawn said...

That is such a cool camera!