Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Vacation

We're back from a wonderful spring break vacation.  Our trip was broken up into 3 mini trips.
The first trip was to St. Augustine FL to see our friends the Simonsons.  We met them in 2003 when their son played football with ours.  We moved away to NC and shortly thereafter, they moved to St. Augustine FL.  We've seen them a few times since they moved.  It was fun spending time with them again.

We enjoyed the beach.

We took a train ride and explored the beautiful, historical city of St. Augustine

We pretended we were fountains.

We went out to dinner

We ate super expensive ice cream in a quaint little sweets shop.
Just look at the delectables 

We had fun and really enjoyed this part of our trip.
Thanks Simonson Family!  Maybe we can visit again next spring!

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Katie said...

I love trips that include visits with friends!