Monday, April 4, 2011

Photos from my Phone

I have been reading a friends blog for some time now, hello Katie J.  Anywho, I see her taking a lot of photos from her phone and posting them on her blog.  I realized that I hardly ever take photos with my phone and I really should start doing that more often.  I always have it handy, so why not.
So here's a post entitled "Photos from my Phone"

About a month ago, Dennis totaled his SUV (see post here).  We finally got the insurance go ahead to purchase another vehicle.  After much looking and sitting in cars, trucks and SUV's Dennis surprised me when he settled on this.  (mainly because he fit in it (which is very hard for my tall, broad man) and it gets better gas mileage than his Expedition).

Friday I was driving to the school to pick Logan up from football conditioning and had to pull over onto the side of the road to take this photo.  I love the blue skies and white Bradford Pear trees in full bloom as well as  the fence and horses. 

Last fall we lost one of the Blue Spruce trees that flanked the entry of the house.
Saturday, we pulled the remaining healthy one out and replanted it in a new bed out back.
Here's the before and after:

Sunday, my son Logan asked me if he could chop down a dead tree in the yard with an ax.  I said, sure, why not.  Here is my son...a.k.a. Paul Bunyan

With todays technology we pretty much all have camera's on our phone.  Why not move those photos from the phone to the computer, blog them, print them, scrapbook them and enjoy them.

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Katie said...

Are those nerd goggle safety glasses? They are so fashionable. Tell Paul Bunyan I have 4 bushes i want removed.

duchess said...

Nice pictures. Love the bradford pear one & of course those of Logan.