Friday, April 2, 2010

Swimming and The Ocean

After we got all unpacked and settled in to our condo we decided to check out the pool and do a little swimming.  When we arrived the waterfall was not turned on.  
We were looking forward to the waterfalls, so we asked the groundskeeper about it and he turned it on for us.  Isaiah did not know we had asked.  Catching he face as the water started rushing over the rocks he was playing under was priceless!

After a little swim time, we decided to take in a game of put-put golf.

Doesn't Isaiah look like a giant!

Traveling, Swimming, Mini Golf really worked up our appetites!  We visited a local pizza place.  They had the  biggest pizza's!  Here's Isaiah showing us his slice.  

After pizza it was on to the beach.  Flagler beach was just over the inter coastal bridge.

These trees were growing along side the road along the coast.  I loved the silhouettes they made against the sky.

The only thing I didn't like about the Atlantic coast was that the sun set behind us, so no sunset beach pictures on this trip.  I'm sure the sunrises were beautiful, however, being on vacation I took advantage of the luxury of spending my mornings sleeping in.  
Look how skinny my legs look in my long shadow, hehe!

Fishermen on Flagler Pier.

Thanks for popping in!  More photos to come tomorrow!


Katie said...

looks like a fun trip!

duchess said...

Looks like a great place to vacation.