Friday, April 23, 2010

Scam Alert-Please Read

I interrupt my normal posts to alert you to a credit card scam occurring right now. Do not be a victim like me. Please check your bank account and look for any odd charges. A common one right now will say JHD PRODUCTIONS 631-267-4298 NY for $0.55 or around that much. It’s not a lot but they are in for a larger kill.
Here is what happened to me: I checked my bank account this morning and I saw a charge from the above company for $0.55. I googled the company name and found several blogs sharing the news that they were hit by the same scam.    It appears that dozens of people have fallen victim to the same company and crime. Other people like me have had withdrawals for $0.50-$0.69 out of their bank within the last few days. One man even said he then had another transaction on hold for $400.  Another said airline tickets were charged to his account.  Seems the scammers are running a small amount through to see if your account works, so later they can hit you for a larger amount.    I called my bank and told them about this fraud.  They showed me that it was my debit card number that had been used. Monitor your cards, and make sure you don't see any funny charges. We didn’t just block the merchant because the bank said they could just start another company and do it all over again and they wouldn’t know to block another company. So if you are a victim cancel your card.
JHD Productions claims they are unaware of the scam and released the following statement.
“Sometime in the past day or so, an unknown entity has taken the name of this company and used it to set up a bogus Internet scam wherein massive billings have been sent out to people in almost every State in the Union. The victims of this fraud are finding small charges on their bank accounts from either their Debit or Credit Card. As these charges are posted to individual accounts, the name associated with the transaction comes up as JHD PRODUCTIONS DEER PARK NY also with a phone number which is not in service. One of the results of these actions is that hundreds or more citizens from all over the USA are finding these charges posted to their bank accounts with the name of JHD Productions as the originator of the charge. My Company JHD Productions Ltd. does not now, or ever conducted any type of billing using Credit or Debit Cards. In the past few days hundreds of angry and frustrated people have been calling my business line asking why they are being billed by my company. PLEASE be advised…THIS IS A FRAUD. I have advised everyone who has received a debit/credit charge from a company named “JHD Productions” to please have their bank register this charge as a fraud. I have contacted the FBI Cyber Crimes and every local agency available to help me end this nightmare for my small independent business.”
Either way whether they are involved or not check your account and tell all your friends. We have to make sure that people get their money back and alert the banks before they get their accounts wiped out.
Thanks for Reading!
You may return to your day, but first, here's a photo because you know I've never posted without a photo of some sort.  :)

From this weeks track meet.  Isaiah doing the Long Jump competition.

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