Monday, February 1, 2010

Who Said Life was Fair..

Friday was a big day for Evan. After school he went with his dad to the license branch and got his drivers license!! He passed the test with a 99% - awesome! We're very proud of him. Then, through the night we got hit with a huge winter storm. 6 inches of snow was dumped on us. Unfortunately for Evan it was a little too unsafe to let him drive, so he has a license, but can't use it. Life is not fair.Secondly, get this, the license branch now MAILS you your drivers license! What??? Yeah, he took the test, passed, and got a PAPER with his stats and picture on it. I was so looking forward to taking a picture of him with his new license. Now I have to wait until it comes in the mail! Life is not fair! (he cried)

Saturday morning, we made our kids shovel the driveway and sidewalk instead of sleep in and play video games in the warmth of our home. Life is not fair! (they cried)

Saturday afternoon we went to the gym and worked out. The backs of my arms and stomach muscles are crying out in pain now! It hurts to move. Life is not fair! (I cried)

Finally, as we drove to church Sunday morning, we oooohed and aaawwwed at the beautiful frost that froze and painted the trees and grasses white with ice crystals. The horizon was tinted pink, fading into that beautiful, crisp blue shade you see on a clear winters day. It was 10 degrees outside. The rising sun cast a yellow glow to the frosted landscape. It was truly a beautiful sight to see and I didn't have my camera! No fair!!

I'll leave you with a picture of my girl playing in the snow this morning.


duchess said...

She is a cutie & that life lesson is so true - life is not fair.
Congrats to Evan on the drivers license! Great job.

Katie said...

where is my snow storm?

Stephanie said...

Tigger is cute in the snow.. Harley got lots of excercise in the snow.. we did too.. Love the pic of tigger!! TFS.. that life isnt fair!