Monday, February 8, 2010

Dining Room Pick-Me-Up

I'll have to admit, I think I have cabin fever. I'm tired of staring at my boring walls day after day. I've been cleaning and making subtle changes here and there, but my dining room was driving me crazy. It was plain and boring and needed a little pick-me-up. The problem was my budget. I had very little money to part with. After perusing a few online blogs, I made my way to Kirklands to scout for some bargains. Here's the before.I picked up this little center piece arrangement for the table.

And got a great bargain on these pictures! 2 for $16!

For Christmas my mom gave me this tea cup display case. It had been my Nana's. Ever since I was a child I had admired it on the walls of Nana's dining room. I went up to the attic and brought down the tea cups I had been collecting for the last 18 years.
It's looking a little better. Still needs some curtains and some nice dishes for the table.
I run to Kohls in search of curtains. No luck, but I stumble upon some nice dishes. They are on clearance...90% off!! I love bargains!!

Did I say 90% off? Here, let me say it again...90% off!
The bowls were $9.99....I paid .99
The salad plates were $12.99...I paid $1.29
The dinner plates were $24.99...I paid $2.49

I love saving money!!!
Look at the bottom on my receipt!

I saved $191.00!

A few close-ups of my tea cups. My mother-in-law has brought me tea cups back from her travels to Columbia South America, Mexico, England and Ireland. I have a few of my Nana's and a few of Dennis' grandmothers tea cups too.

From Mexico

From England

From South America

From my Nana
(the saucer was too big to fit in the case, but it was one of my first tea cups and I love it!)


duchess said...

That turned out great. The dishes (both on the table & teacups on the wall) are the finishing touch.

Lori said...

Love it! You're hired:)

Katie said...

who doesn't love a good bargain. I think you need napkins and silver now. ;o)

Looks good.