Friday, February 26, 2010

Being Crafty

I have this container that holds a lot of my scrapbooking letters, chip board and such and it's made of plastic and held together with snaps. Every time I load it up and take it to scrapbook night at church I invision it popping open and spilling it's contents across the parking lot.

My good friend Stephanie suggested that I make a tote bag to carry it in. I have a sewing machine, have made some simple valances in the past, but I really don't sew, but I'm willing to learn to make anything.

A trip to Joann's and about 5 phone calls to Stephanie later, I had my supplies.
Here are a few photos of Stephanie and I making the bag.
She measured and cut.
I sewed.....most of it.
Quilting the fabrics together

My not so straight lines!

Measuring the box
Stephanie Measuring fabric
Stephanie cutting fabric
The assembled bag with the container in it....
and without
Stephanie sewed the trim on the edge for me
The container tied with yarn to keep it from popping open
Stuffed full of goodies
I put the handles on at home, with no help! Yea for me!
All ready to go scrappin' tonight!!!
A BIG thank you to Stephanie for all of your help, time, patience and lunch!


duchess said...

What a cute bag & more power to you for using that sewing machine. I don't get along with mine at all. That's why I keep her tucked in her box up in the dark recesses of the furthest closet.
Love the fabrics, btw.

Debbie1085 said...

Man, that is cool! I like the idea and I may do that for my knitting stuff so I don't lose them! Thanks for sharing!

Tracee said...

Excellent Job Sister!!! Love the fabric and the "not so straight lines." Aka "artists interpretation" Whenever you feel like making another one, you know what colors I like ;o)

Debbie1085 said...

I ain't an expert with sewing like you but I've got a sewing machine.
How about sharing with us the layer you put in between fabrics and what kind of handle you use?
Was the bag sewn on 4 sides or joined by two sides?

I am anxious to get started on mine.

Stephanie said...

oh I forgot to tell you I love that fabric.. You did a fine job!! maybe you learned a few things...

Jodie said...

Debbie1085.. I used a thin roll of natural cotton batting. It was crib size.
The handle is made of cotton. Can't remember what it's called, but it was sold by the yard and mentioned being good for backpack handles.
The bag is one long panel (28 in) with two side panels (10 in each) sewed on. The handle starts underneath the bag and is one long continuous strap.
Hope this helps!

Katie said...