Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Pictures of the Kids

So this year I decided not to go the usual route and purchase school pictures. Instead I saved a bundle of money and took the pictures myself in my studio. I got some shots that I love, uploaded them to the lab and placed my order. I got everything I needed printed of all three kids for frames, gifts and wallets for the price of one school picture session! Hey, in this economy, a girls gotta be frugal!

School Photos by mom, 2009

Evan - 10th grade

Logan - 8th grade

Isaiah - 5th grade


duchess said...

They look great (and grown). I've always hated school pictures anyway. I'll need to make an appointment to send my two over for a school session (if only it were that easy).

Stephanie said...

Great looking guys!!!

Kari said...

Amazing; fabulous job Girl.
Can my girls be next? :) As Duchess said, "if only it were that easy". STINK! Remind D' that there is a great train yard in Avon.

Katie said...

awesome I think its great you took them yourself!