Monday, July 6, 2009

Change is Coming and it Starts with a Potty

We have this ditch on our property that in the last 2 years has begun washing away with the spring rains. (see this post for example). It has become pretty dangerous and a big attraction to small kids. Our pleas have finally been heard and the county is coming out to make some repairs, adding a new drainage pipe and filling in the ditch with dirt and grass. In the meantime, we have a POTTY in our yard!! Come, take a look....
Isaiah, Logan and some neighbor boys investigate the potty

Logan faking it, hehehe
Isaiah with the traditional shot I take at the red town phone booth...hey maybe we can make my port-a-potty a new photo shoot location! ha ha
The ditch. It doesn't look so bad from this vantage point, but it's really deep at the far end.
A view of the yard caving in and my attempt at showing you how deep it is
The wall is really recessing on our neighbors side
I usually don't let the kids play in the ditch, but I asked Isaiah to go down there to show you how the kids get in and out.
Now you can see about how deep it is. It's about 9 feet deep! Imagine when it's full of fast moving swirling water!
Hellooooo down there!

Trees falling in. The kids climb in and out using these roots.
So while I don't relish the thought of having a potty in my yard, I guess in the long run, it will be worth it!
Awwww, home sweet home!


duchess said...

At least it could keep boys from using the yard - like that would ever happen. :)

Katie said...

LOL! That's too funny!

I love the vacation pics too. Looks like you are having a grand summer.

Stephanie said...

Yay! finally... no more throwing firecrackers in there...hehe

Lori said...

Do you think the boys will dare to stick their heads in after the potty has been in use for several days? I'm always holding my breath when I walk past the one in our neighborhood. Yuck!