Friday, June 5, 2009

What I love about Teenagers

They always need money. The best way to earn money is to do odd jobs for your mom. My truck is nice and clean now, thanks to Evan!


Lori said...

If that happened at our house, I'd probably think I had died and gone to Heaven. Beginning Monday it's "Minutes for Mom" at our house. The boys owe me 10 or 11 minutes (based on their age) of "housework" each day. I won't tell them what to do. They have to decide on their own how they think they should help out. Haven't tried it yet. Stole the idea from a fellow teacher who does this with here 4 and 9 year old. Hoping the guys will just LOVE IT!

duchess said...

It's nice. Bray washed mine a couple of weeks ago. Child labor - and we don't even have to pay minimum wage. ;)

Kim said...

my girls could learn something from this! Sammie's pretty good..everytime she does ANYTHING she says..."Do I get a dollar for that?" LOL