Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Photos - Lots of them!

Last week we traveled to Osage Beach, MO. We stayed at the Lake of the Ozarks. We vacationed here last year and had a great time, so we decided to do it again this year. We took our boat and went skiing and tubing all week as well as some fishing, site-seeing, trying out all the local ice cream shops and skee-ball (Isaiah's favorite evening activity.) I'll share some of my favorite photos, I have some more on Dennis' computer that I'll share later. You might want to go get a Pepsi or your favorite beverage, your slippers and get comfy. There are alot of photos to see!

The view from the resturant we ate at Thursday night

Thursdays Sunset

My favorite thing to do on the lake

Self portrait by Isaiah
An insane display of wealth...this is just a teaser of the awesome homes built on the lake. I have lots more on D's compter to share on another post.
A closer view, did you see the waterfalls?!
The boys chose the Ozark Bar-Be-Que resturant for lunch. We just pulled the boat right up and went in for some awesome bbq sandwiches.
Isaiah had bbq ribs
After we ate the boys got some free fish food and went down and fed the carp
The carp were delighted to see the boys coming and rushed to the shore to gobble up the food

Capt' D in the gift shop trying on hats. This one suited him well!
Momma sporting a suntan

Getting ready to go to dinner. This picture is for my mom. She was with me when I bought this sundress and asked if I wore it on vacation. Yep, mom, I did! I did wear shoes to dinner!
The living room in our condo
The kitchen in the condo. Isaiah is loading the fridge with our food for the week.
View from the deck of the cove we stayed in

Our condo unit
Isaiah poses for a picture
Our resort from the water
Isaiah taking his fish off the hook
Evan on the fishing pier
A view of our boat in the slip
We had a buck and a doe nibbling grass across the cove early one morning
The mallard ducks would sit on the deck rail just below our unit
Mr Mallard ducks wife
Mrs. Mallard came to visit us on our deck too

Dennis, Logan and Isaiah ready for a ride
Logan on ski's

Logan helping Isaiah put on skis, then coaching him how to do it.
Evan...too cool to ski. tracked him down!
Isaiah ready to ski
Another beautiful home on the Lake...more to come in another post
Jodie, Logan and Isaiah taking a ride!
Again, Jodie doing her favorite vacation thing
Check back soon for more vacation fun!


duchess said...

Looks nice. That's my favorite vacation thing to do as well.
I'm liking the longer hair & to answer your question....yes, that was our first visit to that park. I had no idea it was so beautiful. I just figured it was just another park but I was so wrong. Sorry I didn't know to take you there but it probably would have been too cold in Jan. anyway. Guess you'll just have to come back when the flowers are all blooming.

Kim said...

great vacation!!!!!