Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jean Envy

I think my son has an addiction. He can't get enough pairs of blue jeans. I remember back to school shopping with him last fall. He said he needed a few new pairs of jeans. He was so excited to inform us that he had 6 pairs, and if we would buy him one more pair he'd have a pair for everyday of the week. I think I gave in and bought him a pair for Christmas. But then something went wrong, he went to Kohls with his dad, who by the way LOVES to bargain shop. They stumbled upon a clearance rack full of cool jeans at a great price.

And now my kid has 13 pairs of jeans!!
And I now suffer from Jean Envy!

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duchess said...

But you know there is still only that 1 pair that's the best.

Kari said...

I too am have "jean envy", I only have 1 pair.

Dawn said...

Wow, me too! I only have 3 or 4 pairs...and only 2 of those that I actually like to wear.