Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Around the Yard

I took the camera around the yard today...I love to photograph my flowers you know.

This is the petunia basket that Dennis picked out for me. I planted it and another one in big pots on each side of my garage door.

I would love to know what this cute little flower is. It's a bulb and they are growing all over my flower beds and even out in the yard. If you know, leave me a blog comment!

I love my azelea's! I wish they stayed in bloom all summer long!

The Sun Bed - it's full of roses and other pretty plants. Right now it's the bed I'm redoing.

The Shade Bed. I just planted impatients in here. Still a little more to do before it's done.

Bleeding heart. A pretty little flower I found growing under the bench in the shade bed.


duchess said...

The pictures are beautiful.
I'm not sure but the little white ones remind me of stephenotus (I sounded it out & I know it's not spelled correctly).
I just love the cute picture of the single daffodil. It looks like a little person's head with two arms.

Stephanie said...