Monday, April 28, 2008

Morel Mushroom Time

It's that time of year again when all the crazy mushroom hunters get the fever to tromp out into the woods to their secret spots and find the ever elusive morel mushroom. While many consider this fungus a delicacy, I find it just what it is, a fungus! Many families spend weeks on end hunting and even make it an annual trip. My husbands' family has had a tradition for over 35 years of going to Michigan each spring to hunt morels.

Imagine the surprise on my husbands face when I sent him this picture and text message......
Your beloved mushrooms in our very own backyard!

You see I was out cutting grass when all of the sudden I saw a morel mushroom standing tall right in my very own backyard! My reflexes weren't fast enough and I (morel fans may cringe with what I'm about to say) ran over it with my riding lawn mower. I didn't mean to, it just happened. Anyway, I climbed off the tractor and went searching for the morel and found a little one, kinda bent over but fully intact. That's one, then I found the big one, fully intact too. That two! Two morels in my backyard. I quickly pulled out my camera phone and snapped a picture and sent it off to my hubby. A few days later Dennis said "Now show me where you found those mushrooms" so we tromped back out to the yard and low and behold he found another! That's three. This time I went in and grabbed my camera and took a much better picture of it. We'll keep watching the yard this spring, who knows maybe we'll find more!

In memory of James Minniear (1939 - 2007) the best morel hunter there ever was. Thanks for teaching your children the fine art of mushroom hunting. The legacy lives on.

This one's for you!

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duchess said...

We must not hunt those morel mushrooms down here - if it don't move we don't hunt it. I've never heard of such a thing.
Well, congratulate Dennis for us.
(Does he actually eat it?)