Monday, May 19, 2008

Things You Learn Mowing the Lawn

Want to know a secret? I LOVE to mow my lawn. Crazy, I know, but I love yard work and look forward to spring when it seems to be never ending. With all the rain we've been getting this April and May I have to mow at least once and sometimes twice a week. Saturday morning I rode around on my mower and took in all the wonderful signs of spring. Below are a few things I learned:

Ugly Mushrooms grown at the base of my 200 year old tree

The Rhodies are in bloom!

When my mower approaches the Alberta Spruces near the front door the mama bird flys away and I can peek in at the new babies hungry for food.

"Guess she's got no food, so I'll just lay back down on my brother's head."

A few of my roses are open and are beautiful

A few more are just budding outThe Robin in my son's bedroom window is going to be a mama
I love the color of Robin's Eggs


Stephanie said...

We must be on the same page this morning!Love the pic!

duchess said...

Love the new header. I'm confused though - who's the MAN in the middle picture?

Also love the bird pics - especially the robin eggs.

Katie said...

cool bird photos. I love the new header. I have been meaning to change mine too.

Kim said...

Love all of these photos!