Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Cookies

It's been a tradition for years that we bake sugar cookies and the kids frost them. So I spent the day baking and when the boys got home from school I asked them to work their magic. Here are some pics of the big event.
By the way, I took all of these pics with no flash and my camera on manual mode to see if I could do it. Not too bad.
ISO 1600, 1/80-100, f/2.8-4.0

I was standing over the table to get a birds eye view of everything and snapped a quick pic of Evan.

The dog just waiting for the kids to drop a cookie on the floor.


Stephanie said...

TFS!! your boys are so cute..

Love your puppy too.. I know she isnt a puppy though.

Love your pic.

Katie Jones said...

How fun! I love cookies!

Kim said...

awesome pics and the cookies look YUMMY!!!