Wednesday, June 22, 2011


PRAY 4 PAYTON.   Have you seen these words all over Newburgh?  It is written on the windshields of cars.  It’s spelled out with cups in the fence of Castle High School.  It’s all over Facebook and more.   If you don’t have a student at Castle, you may not know who Payton is.  Payton Kalb is going to be a Junior at Castle High School.  Two weeks ago she was driving to cheerleading practice at 6:15 a.m. and was struck by a semi truck on SR 66.  By the grace of God she survived the crash.  She was taken to St. Mary’s hospital, then immediately air lifted to Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  
Here is a quote from her mom detailing Payton’s injuries:
So with a displaced fracture in her jaw, every ligament in her neck torn, 10 days post occipital spine surgery, no speaking voice due to damaged vocal cords (hopefully temporary), bruised lungs, multiple fractures in her pelvis and tail bone, a broken tibia, very limited movement on her left side, and many other bruises and cuts...She says "I'm really doing well". I saw that and just Praised The Lord!!! 
I don’t personally know Payton or her family, Sean and Kristie Georges are her parents.  They are best friends with one of my friends, however.  I am following their story on .  I do know that they would appreciate any and all prayers that could be lifted up their way for Payton.  
 If you would like to follow her progress, sign in to her CaringBridge site. It's paytonkalb.

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