Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Time + Guy Time

Last weekend I had the house all to myself for 3 full days.  I was super busy all weekend, so I really did not have time to put my feet up, drink coffee and read books.  I had to shoot a senior on Friday and a golf scramble on Saturday.  Scrapbooking and dinner with some dear friends, Stephanie and Andrea on Friday as well.  Saturday my Indy friends Mark and Lori and their boys were in town for soccer and took me to dinner at a quaint Newburgh restaurant on the river.  Sunday a double shift at the connection center at church and lots of photo editing and grass cutting.  

The guys left on Thursday afternoon after school.  They headed to Northern Michigan to for the annual Minniear Morel Mushroom Hunting Weekend.  Two friends went along, Carlos and Bo.
They were a little early, season wise.  They found plenty of mushrooms, however, they were the blacks and not the yellows that they prefer.  But guy time was fun and they all had a great time.
Here are some photos of them packing up and heading out.

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Katie said...

Great photos of the guys. Glad you got some you time.