Friday, January 28, 2011

Fixing Grey Snow Photos

My friend Glenna took this photo of her sweet little dog in the snow.  Right away I noticed that the photo was underexposed making the snow look grey.  Our camera's have an algorithm that evaluates all of the light and creates an exposure value.  Grey is a mid tone value.  The camera tries to make our images fit in the midtone value range so that it is neither under or over exposed, thus the grey haze on color photos and the grey color of the snow.
Anyway, if you have grey snow photos and Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS2,3.4 or 5 you might want to watch this tutorial.

Thank you to Glenna for allowing me to use her photo and I appologize for calling your dog "him" in the video.  I now see the pink leash.  :)


Karen C said...

Excellent tutorial, Jodie! Thanks.

Katie said...

yay! I already knew about levels but I liked listening to you anyway!