Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Variety is the Spice of Life

My poor little blog is so neglected these days.  I have to say that I am a wee bit busy.  I have good intentions.  I take the pictures, write the posts in my head, but they just don't get done.
Anyway, this post is sort of a catching up post.  I'll show you  a little bit of what's going on, however, some topics I have many pictures to share, so I will make full blog posts later, I hope.

Fall is in Southern Indiana!
I love fall.  Last week seemed to be our peak week.
I took a photo of my favorite tree in my back yard.  This is the view of it from my kitchen window.

Pumpkin Time!!!  I bought 3 pumpkins and Dennis surprised me with 2 more. 
I love pumpkins on the front porch!

I have been shooting high school football for the past 2 months.  Logan's freshmen season is now over, BUT, he was called up to the varsity to participate with them throughout their sectional games.
Anyway, I've been shooting about 500 photos each week and narrowing them down to about 300, editing them and posting them online for the Castle High School website. 

This is Logan on the sidelines at his first Varsity game last Friday night.
1st Sectional Victory!

Isaiah's been practicing 3 days a week and playing a game 1 night a week.
I love this photo of him running through the parent tunnel after a winning game.

We've been trying to do some end of season work to the house.
We have been cleaning our windows, removing old, dried out weather stripping and installing new.
We stained our driveway and our deck.
Here's the deck.  Sorry, no driveway photo.

 work in progress photo..... (it is done now and looks great!)

I was asked to photograph all of the children's ministries at our church.
The images will be used at a slide show during our fall Nut Night carnival as well as new website, marketing  and media materials.

I got this nifty little hope chest at a garage sale.
It's quite ugly.  Pink paint that covers old 1980's paint splatters.
I plan to strip it and paint it black with a cherry wood top.

Work in progress....... (yep, that's all the farther I got)

I also got an old chair and a set of 3 leather trunks.
I have to recover the chair seat, the trunks are fine the way they are.

Back to School Photos.
I took Evan and Isaiah's at an old bridge a few weeks ago.  Logan was not with us.
I took Logan's last week when I took our family Christmas card photos.
Now I love Logan's location and wish I would have taken the other two boys pictures out there too.
Oh well.

Speaking of family pictures,
Here is one that I love.
We took several.

I was the second shooter for a wedding a few weeks ago.
Look how beautiful this church is (the bride and groom are sitting on the platform on the right)

I've also taken a few senior pictures,
I will take more senior pictures tomorrow.
I have taken a few family pictures for clients.
I have two more families to shoot on my books.
I have been hired to shoot the Fresh Grounded Faith womens conference at our church 
the first weekend of November.
I've also been hired to shoot a salon staff for a billboard.  How cool is that!

We recently saw Casting Crowns in concert (awesome!)
I'm going to Indy this weekend to see my favorite, Jeremy Camp in concert.

So squeeze school, church, kids, husband, friends and life in this mix and you can see how busy I've been!

Thanks for checking in.
I hope to post more soon.


duchess said...

Busy girl. Love the pictures.

Katie said...

Sometimes life just speeds up doesn't it? I have spent 3 nights in my own bed in October and I'm not quite sure what I've done. Love the family photos! Can't wait to see your redone chest.