Tuesday, September 15, 2009

License to Grill....

Some people enjoy cooking, I'm just not one of them. But grilling, come on, everyone can grill, right? You just put some meat on and stand near and flip. How hard it that? Well, I guess for me it's difficult. I put the burgers on, waited, flipped them once, went in the house to put the french fries in the oven and noticed that the kitchen floor was still a mess from the bonfire/cookout party we'd had the night before. So as any tidy, obsessed with clean mom would do I mopped the kitchen floor, and oh yeah, I answered the phone. It was my hubby telling me what time he'd be home for dinner. As I returned to the grill my attention was immediately caught by the fire leaping out from under it's hood.

I opened the lid to find our dinner in flames. I quickly removed the meat from the grill, took a few shots and doused the flames with a cup of water.
Smoking grill.
Dinner saved. Whew! Actually I had to cook a few a little longer and add the cheese. They were still yummy!


duchess said...

Saved just in the nick of time.
They look yummy.

Katie said...

well that's not so bad. it could have been worse.