Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Football Time!

It's our favorite time of year...Football Season! Two of our boys play football. Logan plays for the 8th grade Middle School team. He's number 60. Isaiah plays for the youth football league. Of course, since he broke his foot he won't be playing, but sitting on the sidelines rooting on his team! I snapped a few photos of Logan in the game a few weeks ago.
Logan on Special Teams, he's the Long Snapper. That's him with the ball.

Logan as a Defensive Tackle. That's him in the middle heading for the QB's blocker #44.
See him in the middle of the screen, under the arrow. This is the shot I got just before Logan sacked the QB.
The after the sack photo. You see both Logan and the QB on the ground.Logan starts as Offensive Right Guard. See him blocking in the center.
Team huddle.And finally, before Isaiah broke his foot I snapped a pic of him in the backyard with his practice uniform on. Isaiah's team plays their first game this Sunday. We're looking forward to it!


duchess said...

Love watching those football games. Sorry Isaiah has to sit out this season.

Our fall baseball games start next week. B's already hit 3 homeruns in practice (let's hope that continues in the games).

The Simonson's said...

Those red uniforms look familiar - you can move all over, but the football stays the same ;)