Monday, August 25, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football!

Logan had his first two games on Saturday. Actually they were really a scrimmages against a team from Owensboro Kentucky and Caldwell County Kentucky. Logan is #60 in the white jersey. He plays Left tackle on the first string Offensive Line for the Junior High School football team. They won their first game and lost the second. It was a hot, hot day somewhere in the mid 90's. The boys hung in there and did a great job!

Logan taking the field with his team ready for his first game.

Logan on the line to the left of the quarterback

Logan getting in on the action


Stephanie said...

Oh Fun!

I was wondering how he did..Sorry I didnt make it..

duchess said...

Looks like fun. Our games start sometime in September - I can't wait. I'm turning into a real sports fan.

Kari said...

Daddy must be so proud; like Father - like Son.

Jyl at Mommy Gossip said...

Love your photography! My boys haven't hit the football playing age yet, but we hope to increase their enthusiasm for the sport by taking them to some local university games this season.

The Simonson's said...

Still our #60! He isn't playing center anymore?

Congrats Logan!