Friday, July 25, 2008

Crash Em - Smash Em Demolition Derby

I've been a little behind on my posting lately. We been entertaining family and friends . We've had 5 sets of visitors in the last 4 weeks, my MIL is here for 2 weeks and then my sister is coming for a visit. We feel blessed that we have so many people wanting to spend time with us - but next year we'll have to space you all apart a little.
Anyway, our dear friends from Ohio came to see us over the past week. We entertained them in high style, boy golly! Here are some pictures from the highlight of the week, for the boys at least, hehe!

GET THIS! This guy in the center car was congratulated before the derby for getting married earlier in the day! The back of his car says "JUST HITCHED" Imagine the conversation between him and his new bride....."Sweetheart, we'll get hitched but before we can leave for a honeymoon I've got to compete in the 4H fair demolition derby."

NOTE: Ladies when you wear white shorts and sit on a wet bench, we can see your undies!

A couple of fires and a flipped over car made for a exciting evening!

Thanks for visiting us Clements family. How on earth will I top the County 4H Fair and a demolition derby next year?


duchess said...

Once again, great pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

Check out my friends blog, to see some pics of their boxer.
They have ties to your area.

Jeanne said...

Too funny that you posted the wet shorts! LOL!