Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Much Fun!

Finally a real snow day. All winter we have had a dusting of snow here or there. And plenty of ice, as you all know (see my feb pics). Finally it snowed all day and all night and we woke up to a good 5 inches on the ground. Logan went to work with his dad, so Evan, Isaiah and I enjoyed the snow together.

A big smile at the end of a fun day! Let's do it again tomorrow!


Stephanie said...

Good stuff..

Should bring them to my house to sled.. fun fun

duchess said...

Love the snow pictures.

You have to check out the blog party that's going on at 5 minutes for mom. I'm meeting so many nice moms - just like us.

Pam said...

oh fun! I love that last picture.

Katie said...

looks like fun!

Katie said...

Tag your it!