Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time Flys When You're Having Fun!

The song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" is playing in my head as I write this post. No, not because I am ready for Christmas. Not at all. It is because we at the Minniear household LOVE FOOTBALL and being football season, it is the most wonderful time of the year around here!
Two of our boys, Logan and Isaiah play football for their school teams.  Isaiah is in the 7th grade and plays for the Dragons and Logan is in 10 grade and plays for the Knights.
Right now, we have 4 football games a week.  Yep, 4.  Four.  Quatro. Good thing we love it!
Here is what my week looks like every week.......
Monday - Logan plays a JV game, Isaiah has practice
Tuesday - Isaiah plays an A squad game, Logan has practice
Wednesday - both boys have practice
Thursday - Isaiah play a B squad game, Logan has practice
Friday - Logan plays the Varsity game, Isaiah has practice.
Whew!  Saturday we watch Ohio State Football and Sunday we watch the Colts.
Then we start our week all over again!
Here are some photos from a few of our games in the last month.  Oh, did I mention, I shoot the JV and Middle School games too?

Isaiah, #24 on the field

Can't forget about our sweet Middle School Cheerleaders.  They love to have their pictures taken too.

Me with the Castle Knight Mascot at Lucas Oil Stadium

Evan, Carlos and Isaiah at Lucas Oil Stadium

Evan, Carlos and Isaiah with the Indy skyline behind them.

The family after Logan's football game at Lucas Oil.

There's Logan in action.  #95

It was a privilege to be invited to play in the Colt's Horseshoe Classic August 27, 2011

Evan and Carlos and the Castle Student section during the game.  They were on the jumbo tron alot.

A smile for mom on the sidelines.
Logan - on Defense

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Katie said...

Yay football! Busy busy busy. I never got a schedule so I can come see the guys play. Of course I spent almost all of august and September so far on the road. But I have a week home before a few weeks back.