Saturday, July 23, 2011

Missouri Memories

Who doesn't love a group of teen-aged kids, and Dennis with fake smokes!

How about fake snakes at the Five and Dime Store?

 Maybe you like children driving very expensive boats at the Bass Pro Shop

 A visit to the movies is a great way to cool off on a super hot Missouri day!

Allowing your 15 year old to drive you around the resort is 
just the thing you must do to procure a relaxing vacation.

I personally loved spending time with our dear friends the Clements.
Here we are Jodi and Jodie! 

Perhaps you'd like to dine out on vacation.
Try the Rib Crib.

 Or the restaurant that has a giant chicken out front and looks like a barn.

Fishing Fun

Enjoying my Diet Pepsi with Lime on the raft while the boys fish

 Just Kiddin!  ..... or was he?

 Perhaps scaling rock walls and jumping into the lake is more to your liking
Allow Carlos and Logan to demonstrate

And here goes Dennis

Carlos learning to dive

 Great job Carlos!

MORE photos from the BIG CLIFF coming soon!
Check back!

AND, don't forget to leave a comment that you were here!


Deanna Kohlhofer said...

Looks like fun!!

Katie said...

Logan has some mad skillz did he land on his back? In my much younger stupider days I did a flip off a house boat and only clearer half way and ended up with a back bruise that was ever so lovely.

Tracee said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love the picture with all the boys smoking their fake cigerettes,I noticed Evan's T shirt said Just Do It. It looks like a fake add you'd see on Saturday Night Live or UTube or something. Made me laugh :o)

The Simonson's said...

Your boys would give me a heart attack! lol Loved the back to school pics too!