Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Switch

December is here and one of the things our high school kids look forward to is the Winter Formal a.k.a. the Santa Switch dance.  Girls ask the boys, they pay for the dinner and the dance tickets.  Everyone looks forward to getting all dressed up and having a wonderful evening.
Here are some photos of my boys with their dates and their group of friends.

Evan with Ashley

 Colton with Alex

 Logan with Markie

Bo with Lauren

The Guys

They call themselves "The Bros"
I had this image made into a 16x20 poster for Evans wall.

The Beauties

These are little collages that I made for each of the kids.  
I made the border on the photos match the girls dress.  I hope they like them!

This is a shot of the boys making fun of Logan.  
Earlier in the day he got elbowed in the face at his basketball game.  
He has a black eye and a cut on his cheek.  

Group Photo
(Carlos' date had a basketball game and she met him at the dance)

Merry Christmas!!


duchess said...

How fun. I can't believe how grown up your boys are. Kinda sad.
They all look great & I hope they had a good time.

Katie said...

did the boys match on purpose? that's one nice eye.