Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Friends+Football+Carwash+Thrifting+Boating= A very busy weekend!

Over the past weekend the Jones and Co came to visit.  Katie arrived Thursday to watch Logan play some football.

One of the random shots I love

Some of the players showing off for the camera

You see the ball Logan, now tackle him!

AWESOME play of the game....See my kid, #60, on the left....
See the tackle on the right...
What you don't see is the ball popping out of his hands and Logan diving onto it...

Fumble Recovery!  Way to go Logan!  He's the one on the ground clutching the ball for dear life. :)

The teams, coaches and ref's look to see if Logan has possession....

He does.  His teammates give him pats on the back.  Well done!

Walking off the field with the biggest grin ever, mouth guard and all.

Friday Katie and I went antiquing.  Did not find much.  But had fun looking.
As usual we tried on Vintage hats.

Friday night we headed on down to Kentucky to our friend Stephanie's house.  She made us some dinner, ok so we ate her leftovers, and then we made some cute cards.  She's a great Stampin' Up rep.  You can see her stampin' site here.
Saturday was Castle Carwash Fundraiser Day.
The day started out gray, but ended up sunny.
The freshmen had the first shift.

This is Logan's buddy.  Not sure who had more soap on them, Nathaniel or the cars!

Logan in action.  He hates when I take his picture, so he avoids me and I sneak in a few shots.

Just one of the photos I took and it's one of my favorites!

Later that day we made our rounds to the Thrift stores and a few garage sales.
I bought this set of dishes for $4! (6 plates, 6 of the bowls was in the dishwasher)

Other great buys not pictured:  A Hollister sweater for Evan for $2.50 and a sled for .50 so my kids won't have to use the trash can lids again this winter.  
Also some clothes for the niece and nephew for .25 and .50 each piece.  What a bargain!

Later in the day on Saturday, Katie's sister, brother and brother's finance came down to go boating with us.
Here is Isaiah showing everyone how to use the rope swing.
(all these images taken with my cell phone)

Convincing Lita to jump.

Cool sunflare along the beach

Dennis, Joe, Alisha, Lita, Katie and Logan

Sunset cruise

Sisters Lita and Katie on the sunset cruise.  The sun was turning everything yellow.

Katie and Jodie on the sunset cruise

Sunday we all went to church and then out to Lunch.
After lunch we all headed down to Isaiah's football game.
I had to work in the concession stand, so I did not get to take any pictures that day.
Maybe Katie has some?  Katie??

Thanks for sharing our weekend wrap up with us.
Did you have a fun filled weekend?
Tell me what you did.


Katie said...

Love the photos. I have a WHOLE ton of the Isiah's game I just need to upload them someplace for you to get them. It was so fun to hang out with you all. Thanks!

duchess said...

Looks like fun - great pictures to remember it by.